"Martha's cooking is beyond compare – she gathers local foods harvested at their peak and combines them to create deliciously flavorful, healthy dishes.  She is truly passionate about cooking - and it shows."
Lee Fentriss, M.D.— Heritage Medical Associates, daily corporate client           

Our Farmers and Vendors

  It's all over our website, on our business cards and labels, in pretty, curly letters...
..."local, sustainable, divine"  and ...
..." supporting local artisans and organic farmers"  

As they say, the proof is in the pudding.  
So...check out our pudding,  er, our list of vendors we buy from weekly. 

Our list begins with one organization that visits our kitchen weekly.  Foraging for local, organically grown food is not a task for the faint-hearted.
Sean Siple, of  Good Food for Good People (GFFGP) is the driving force that locates and delivers the majority of local food we cook in Martha's Kitchen.  

Check out their website to see what they're up to.  You might just be blown away.  www.goodfoodforgoodpeople.com  

Through GFFGP we are able to prepare food grown by the following farmers and gardeners.   The GFFGP website also provides links with more information about each of these farmers.   

B.E.L.L. Garden, a one-acre community learning garden at Bellevue Middle School.  The young, organic orchard, blueberries, raspberries, row crops and rasied beds is managed by GFFGP at a certifiable naturally grown standard.  

Bells Bend Farms are four farms in the community of Scottsboro/Bells Bend in Northwest Davidson County.  They do not use any synthetic chemical fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, or fungicides.   They are non-certified organic. 

Foggy Hollow Farm is a family operated certified organic farm, located in Joelton, Tennessee.  

Gammon Family Dairy is home to over 300 head of cows, milked twice a day and have been cared for by three generations of Tennessee dairy farmers.  All processing, packaging and distributing is done on the farm at their plant.  Their milk is pasteurized and homogenized, but has no additives.  Martha's kitchen has recently made the move to using solely Gammon Milk for the preschool meals and her catering.  

Herman Gingrich Family Farm in Ethridge, Tennessee, specializes in heirloom tomatoes and peppers.  The only crops grown on the naturally grown plots are marketed through a cooperative.  

Joe Gingrich Family Farm has grown produce in a naturally grown system for the past eight years.  Their eggs come from hens feeding on grass and non-GMO naturally grown feed.  

Hazyhaven Apiary keeps bees in Cheatham County, Tennessee.  He characterizes his delicious sweetener as a wildflower blend and his beed fed on grasses, clover, trees and flowers.  

Hillside Gardens Fresh Herbs in Nashville, Tennessee specializes in fresh gourmet-quality culinary herbs.  They are all grown naturally, with no pesticides or herbicides.  

Kenny's Farmhouse Cheese is produced using old world, handmade technique.  

McDonald's Farms in Hoenwald, Tennessee raises free-range, grass-fed and antibiotic and hormone-free chickens.  They also raise meat birds and grass-fed beef and pork.  

Noble Springs Dairy in Franklin, Tennessee takes pride in knowing that every drop of milk that goes into their cheese is derived from the natural forages from their farm.  All hormone and antibiotic free. 

River Cottage Farm in Rockfield, Kentucky raises heritage cattle, sheep and chickens, that share pastures with laying hens and milk cows.  

Sweet Water Valley Farms in Sweetwater Valley Tennessee produces artisan cheeses in the traditional farmstead manner.  They control the process from cow to consumer for high-quality cheddar cheese.  

Timbertop Farms in Ashland City uses the wooded land and a mushroom hoop house to grow shitake mushrooms, and a greenhouse to grow micro-greens, squash blossoms and a variety of specialty produce. 

Willow Farms in Summertown, Tennessee is the free-range egg enterprise that looks after nearly 2,000 hens.  

Gideon Yoder Family Farm has been growing produce in a naturally grown system for the past thirteen years.  The produce a broad array of vegetables ten months out of the year. 

Henry Yoder's Family Farm outside of Lawrenceburg, Tennessee have been grown their food and rasising chickens for meat and eggs for the past five years.  

Daniel Zook Family Farm has been providing organically-grown produce for the past 13 years.  

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